Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch3D

Why Men Prefer The Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch3D

Philips Norelco 1250 X MainPhilips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D allows for flexible and precise shaving. The Lift and Cut dual blade system lifts hair in order to cut it below the skin level without causing nicks and cuts. Coupled with the SkinGlide system, this rotary shaver ensures a smooth shaving experience.

An integrated pop up trimmer offers precise cutting of moustaches, goatees, side burns and even nose and ear hair.For optimum control, the handle is designed to have a slim, non-slip grip and an ergonomic shape. With the Aquatec seal, it can be used for both dry and wet shaving with or without shaving cream, foam or gel.

Maintenance is quick and free of hassle. The Jet Clean system keeps the razor hygienic and lubricated, and even charges it while cleaning. The specialized shaving tracks also catches different kinds of facial hair. The tracks include slots for the hairs with normal length, channels for the long hairs, and holes for the short stubbles.

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Completely cordless, the razor is easy to bring during travels. Charging time takes one hour and the battery life reaches up to 50 minutes. This 50 minutes is already enough for 17 days of shaving. A three-level battery indicator can warn the user whenever the battery is full or low.

The razor also features a worldwide voltage function that adjusts from 100 to 240 Volts automatically. Along with its charging stand, protective cap and cleaning brush, the razor can be easily stored and carried anywhere in its pouch.

Philips Norelco 1250 X Main with kit• Lift and Cut dual blade systemallows for comfortable cutting below the skin level by lifting the hairs up.
• A close and smooth shavecan be achieved through its SkinGlidesystem.
• The integrated trimmer can conveniently be used for cutting longer hair as well as facial hair at places that are hard to reach such as the nose and ear.
• Aquatec seal gives dry and wet shaving options.
• Jet Clean system makes cleaning easier, and charges the unit while cleaning.

Philips GyroFlexContouring Technology

The greatest feature of the Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D is perhaps its three-dimensional contouring system. This technology addresses the issue of shaving areas that are curved such as the neck, jaw and chin.

Philips Norelco 1250 X husband and wifePhilips GyroFlexContouring Technology characteristics:
• The 3D pivoting head flexes both inwards and outwards.
• The contouring system automatically follows the shape of any face.

Shaving is made more convenient because the flexible motion of the head requires less effort to glide across the skin. The head can be kept close to the skin with little pressure, and skin irritation can be minimized.

• Contouring: Thepivoting head allows for a close shave that follows the contours of the face.
• Comfortable shaving: The flexible movements minimize skin irritation and cuts.

• Pivoting headoffers a smooth shave on any part of the face and neck.
• Ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable grip.

• Soft travel pouch does not protect the razor well.
• Despite the many features, the razor can be expensive.

 images Philips Norelco 1250x Amazon Discount Link

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