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best Electric ShaversWe offer the best electric shaver reviews that are un-biased.  Our goal and intent is simply to provide you with the information as quick and as fast as possible, so you can make your decision to purchase.  We know that time is money, so be sure to look at our quick and easy comparison tables, that give precise information about each brand of shaver.

We have included the following brands in our reviews.  We have reviewed the Braun 7 series shavers.   We have included the Panasonic brand of choice.  We have also compared the top models of Philips or as some of us old timers remember, the Norelco brand.  Lastly we have included the Remington models for your quick review and decision making process.

We are dedicated in bringing you the very best electric shavers in the business.  Our reviews of these razors have helped many find the perfect electric razor they are needing.

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The most exceptional shaver inside the Braun Series 7 gathering, the 790cc has been manufactured to convey only a definitive preparing knowledge. This electric shaver incorporates revolutionary Pulsonic Technology that uses more than 10,000 micro vibrations to help catch a considerable measure of hair in every stroke. furthermore, 3 Personalization Modes and a capable straight engine handle a radical and agreeable shave. At that point, for included comfort after the shave, the propelled Clean & Renew System naturally cleans, charges, greases up, and dries your shaver at the touch of a catch.  Learn more about our best electric shavers today.

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As a highly sophisticated shaver, the Panasonic Arc 5 ES LV81 sets the benchmark as it features the world’s first linear five-blade cutting system. Compared to the previous four-blade cutting system, it provides better coverage while shaving.Aside from this, the razor also provides for faster coverage with a motor speed of 14 000 cycles per minute.

To tackle the issue of problem areas such as the neck, jaw and chin, the razor features a Lift-Tech outer foil that can capture flat lying hair with ease. The curved arc foil combined with the Multi-Flex pivoting head makes it easy to shave every part of the face and neck.  Learn more about our Best Electric Shavers today.

Want to learn about Phillip Electric Razors?

Built for comfort, the Philips Norelco 1160X SensoTouch electric razor provides a smooth shaving experience. Equipped with the Super Lift and Cut dual blade technology, the shaving tracks and slots cut long facial hair as well as very short stubbles. The razor provides a close and comfortable shave without having to press down. The Aquatec seal it features gives you the option to choose between a quick and comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave with a shaving cream, foam or gel. Coupled with the low-friction SkinGlide system, this shaver allows for a skin-friendly and precise trim.  Learn more about all of our Best Electric shavers today.


Remington Shavers are very unique too.

People generally like to look good. It is no exception when it comes to men, especially having a good, clean and comfortable shave. Rather than visiting the traditional barbing when you need to shave, electric shavers can suffice for the daily grooming routine at the comfort of your home, office, camping or any other outdoor places.
The recent major breakthrough in technology or innovation in electric shavers has spurred a new growth in the adoption of electric shaving in the men’s grooming industry. Remington, a renowned manufacturer of electric shavers, recently expanded its extensive Remington XR1370 Hyper Series in line with the introduction of the New Remington XR1370. Preferably one of the best quality electric shavers in the market to render cordless rechargeable shaver, many are yet to come across Remington rotary shaver, a unique technology of this particular product is the ergonomic design and innovation, with optimal rendering that ensures the consumer better shaving experience.

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