Electric Razors Men – Benefits of Them

Electric Razors Men – Benefits of Them

What are the Benefits of Electric Shavers Over Hand Shavers?

Electric Razors MenA common question among guys is which type of electric razors men to use?

Should they invest in the up-front pricier electric shaver, or go for the instantly economic hand razor?

For many, it is just a simple matter of convenience and preference.

But for those who are new to the scene, here are a few benefits offered from the Electric Shaver.

Benefits of Electric Shavers is the time factor  

Electric razors in general provide a faster shave than manual razors. Electric shavers do not require any special shaving creams, gels, or lotions in order to shave.

Manual shavers on the other hand do require some type of lubricant to help it glide over the skin.

An electric razor is also faster because it usually doesn’t require going over the same place several times to make sure the hair is removed satisfactory.

The second benefit of an electric shave is cost

Initially, the cost of an electric shaver is more, but with a life expectancy of 20 years, in the end it is more economical.

Electric razors do not need any special gels or creams to shave with, so the added expense of a nice shaving cream, gel, or lotion is also eliminated with the use of an electric shaver.

The blades also last much longer than the disposable blades of a hand shaver, also saving money.

Those disposable blades can be very costly!

Even though the blades of an electric razor do eventually need to be replaced, the electric shaver allows for the option of cleaning the blades on a regular basis and then reusing them rather than having to completely replace them every month or so.

This is especially helpful if you use your razor to shave areas with thick hair frequently.

Another advantage of an electric razor

is the versatility they have in being able to shave body hair, facial hair, beards, mustaches, sideburns, and reach those pesky little hairs that grow in hard to reach places like the base of the nostrils on your nose.

True, some hand razors have a special single blade on one side that can be used to trim those areas, but it is much easier with an electric shaver.

A common problem that comes with hand shavers is nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs.

An electric shaver helps reduce all these common shaving problems, leaving you feeling more confident in yourself.

Finally, if you travel, you may prefer an electric razor because it will not slice up the inside of your toiletry bag like the exposed blades of a hand razor may do.

Also, with the increased aviation security measures, straight razors and safety razors are no longer allowed in carry-on baggage.

If you use either type of that razor, you will need to place the bag carrying it in checked baggage.

There aren’t any regulations prohibiting electric razors or disposable razors on carry-on baggage.


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