Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers

Best Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers


Top 5 Braun Electric ShaversFind the Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers.  Braun has designed the perfect electric shaver that works best for you. Wet, dry or foam, whatever is your preference, Braun delivers a variety of precision shaving models for a perfectly thorough, comfortable close skin shave. The Braun electric shavers and razors have been blended with the right technology for your ultimate shaving experience performance and skin comfort. You do not have to think twice why you need to spend this much to get a good shave from Braun! Pick what is best for your skin and lifestyle from the top 5 Braun electric shavers

Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers

  1. Braun Series 9 Shaver

Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers
The Series 9 introduces the world’s most comfortable and efficient electric shaver. The intelligent SyncroSonicTM technology breakthrough can remove more hair in the first stroke. Proven with the 3 day beard tests, this sleek shaver gives optimum and uncompromising skin comfort in fewer strokes. With the use of this new technology, the shaver head is able to cut through any type of hair so fast it does not have any time to irritate the skin. This product line is a combination of efficiency and superior cutting performance. It gives you the ability to navigate well through the challenging areas of the skin and neck with less effort.


The SyncroSonic gets the job done with less pressure on the skin and in fewer strokes. The secret is the design of the intelligent shaver, which reads and fully adapts to the contour of the face and neck. The four fully synergized elements of the SyncroSonic work seamlessly and capture all types of hair in fewer strokes compared with the other shavers that go over the same area for a perfect result. The four elements work in perfect harmony so it can lift, trim and cut your hair. The technology delivers 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute. This features a quadruple action cutting system using the unique combination of the Series 9 pivoting shaver head and four floating cutting elements for maximum close shaving and facial adaptability. This superior technology produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute. It can read the face and also automatically adapt to the density and type of your hair or beard. This has been proven and tested to smoothen the face with a three day beard in fewer strokes.


The Braun Series 9 features its two centre specialists to lift, direct, trim, and cut hair. The HyperLift&Cut Trimmer takes on the flat lying hair in the neck and chin area. The Direct&Cut Trimmer specializes in grabbing and shaving hair that grows in different directions. The Braun electric shaver ergonomic design has been designed to make a difference in both quality and design.


Braun has a number of Series 9 shavers, Series 9 -9095cc polished chrome, 9093s silver, 9050cc, 9040s and the 9090cc silver. The OptiFoil is perfect for the closeness you long to achieve during shaving. This closeness lasts longer than expected. Close shaving with less repetition could mean less irritation and zero cut on the skin. Braun recommends to replace the foil and cutter every 18 months for maximum performance. The shaver is set to cut an average of 6,000,000 hairs, but will gradually wear out. When the foil and cutter wears out, it becomes uncomfortable and less close. The OptiFoil gives you the closes shave ever.


The MicroMotion combined with the MacroMotion design gives maximum facial adaptability. The more skin contact, the more it can close shave work for you. The pivoting head had the ability to navigate on larger contours for maximum contact. The individual suspension of the cutting elements responds to the smallest contours.


The Series 9 is durable and 100% waterproof. It can be submerged up to 5 meters deep in water. It is safe to use in the shower. The technology of the Series 9 is made for extreme environments with the slightest compromise in shaving performance.


The Series 9 comes with a Clean&Charge Station that cleans, charges, lubricates and dries at just one touch of a button. Regular cleaning delivers optimal hygiene and a fresh shave every day. The 5 action alcohol based station makes your shaver feels like new each use. The Series 9 is a perfect fusion of form and function. The textured MultiHeadLock switch allows an ideal grip for your utmost close convenience during shaving. The design fits your hand with the perfect positioning of the interface touch points. It features a rubberized, textured grip zone for safe handling during wet shaving.


The electric shaver fully charges in an hour and lets you shave for 50 minutes. You can quick charge for 5 minutes using the cord or cordless station. The LED battery display indicated battery status and acts as travel lock indicator.


  1. Braun CoolTec Shaver

The CoolTec shaver is the first in the world that features an active cooling technology. This revolutionary cool dry shaver puts skin irritation on ice. Its top of the stylish design and thoughtful engineering has the ability to take the heat out of shaving and put the irritation on ice. This is the most technologically advanced dry shaver in the industry that delivers an outstanding performance for those with sensitive skin and still wants a close shave. The Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology actively cools the skin during shaving. It reduces redness and burning sensations. It provides a cool and refreshed shaved skin. With one switch of the Active Cooling button, it turns on the cooling function.


This dry shaver is dermatologist tested. This does not allow any heat to build on its head. It does not need any gel or lotion to cool down. It just leaves a cool, lingering feeling during shaving. Clinical tests have detailed the significantly reduced skin irritations during shaving, such as itching sensations and burning.


The Active Cooling technology is made of an integrated electro ceramic cooling element that works with any gel or lotion and automatically cools the skin while shaving. This dry shaver works like a fridge with the combination of its adaptable Three Stage Cutting System and the Active Cooling technology. This state of the art innovation from Braun turns the electric power into a cool sensation. The Three Stage Cutting System is surrounded by a trimmer and two SensoBlades. The shaving elements move independently over the face contour. The SensoBlade gives your skin an extra smooth shave with its specially designed shaving blades. The blades capture hair that grows in different directions.


The Three Action Alcohol Based Clean&Charge Station lubricates and cleans with the mere touch of a button. The station cleans more hygienically than rinsing the shaver with a running tap water. The alcohol based cleaning fluid eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in each cleaning process. The CoolTec Shaver has a LED display battery status and is powerful enough to give you up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving.


You can submerge the CoolTec 5 meters deep in the water without a problem. The CoolTec Wet&Dry models are designed for maximum flexibility. Its rubberized grip features the Braun dot pattern signature. You are assured of the perfect grip/hold even in wet conditions.


  1. Braun WaterFlex WF2 Shaver Blue

Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers
The Braun WaterFlex is a Wet&Dry electric shaver that features a contour adaptive swivel head to give that unbeatable close smooth feeling. With a 100% waterproof IPX7 standard certified design, the shaver can be easily used in the shower and clean under running water. This electric shaver offers an excellent close skin shave and an amazing skin comfort during shaving. It can be used with foam and fully rinse/clean under running water.


The WaterFlex features a unique 330 pivoting shaver head that perfectly adapts around the jawline and chin. The Contour Adaptive Swivel Head has been designed to capture, trim and cut every hair even on the most difficult spot/contour.


The OptiBlade features the most advanced foil that captures more hair and cut them deeper. With the addition of the Three Stage Cutting System, the wet/dry shaver is able to cut long hair as easily as it cuts short hair.


The WaterFlex Precision Long Hair Trimmer trims the sideburns and mustache by perfectly sliding the long hair trimmer upwards. The Two Stage LED Display acts as an indicator of the battery status. This shaver uses the rechargeable Li-lon battery with no memory effect. Full charging is one hour, which gives about 45 minutes or cordless shaving.


  1. Braun MobileShave M-90 Compact Electric Shaver

The Braun MobileShave brand promise with this Portable Electric Shaver is smooth skin anytime, anywhere, even on the go. Do not be afraid of waking up late. You can shave while you are on the go using the MobileShave. The portable design boasts of the portable format of the Braun technology that helps you remove your afternoon beard shadow anytime, anywhere. You need not be afraid of an impromptu meeting with your boss. As long as you have your Braun MobileShave on hand, you simply have to be confident you will look good after a good, fast mobile shaving on the go.


The SmartFoil consists of a unique foil pattern that captures hair growing in different directions. You are going to have a smooth skin anytime, at work, in the car, or short trips from home to office. This is easy to use and can quickly restore your freshly groomed look for the day. The M-90 Braun MobileShave feature the SmartFoil technology. The Flexible SmartFoil boasts of its extra wide and ultra thin foil that is flexible enough to adapt the contours of the face, neck and jawline to give you a close shave. The Wide Floating Foil flex and adapts to the contours making close shaving extra comfortable for you.


The Precision Trimmer of the MobileShave offers long hair trimmer in compact size to help you maintain your mustache and sideburns. Just slide it out to trim. This electric shaver comes with a Twist Cap to protect the foil. It also gives you a handle extension for firmer, better grip when you shave on the go. Shaving with the Braun MobileShave is still precise and comfortable even when you are walking right to the conference room. This shaver is fully washable under running water. This design is the smallest among the line Braun’s line of electric shaver. However, being compact does not compromise Braun’s superior technology. If you want to look good all day long, bring with you your Braun MobileShave and get off that afternoon beard shadow.


This shaver is powered by batteries you can easily replace. You have a 60 minute running time, so you can shave as much as you want when you feel like it.


  1. Braun Series 3 3080s Electric Shaver

Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers
This Wet and Dry Electric Foil Shaver cuts your hair faster with the new Braun MicroComb technology. The MicroComb catches and feeds hair into the Precision Cutter. It features two rows of evenly spaced grooves, which makes it possible for the shaver to catch and feed more hair at each single stroke. With the Triple Action Cutting System combined with the SensoFoil and Precision Mode Series 3, performance is still high even on shaving three day beards. The outcome is still an incredibly smooth skin. The SensoFoil gives a close shave feel that is very efficient it results in a gentler, smoother skin.


The Triple Action Cutting System effectively cuts as much long or short hair in a single stroke. The Triple Action Free Float System independently moves and adapts to bring you a comfortable feel while it gives you a close smooth shave. This high speed, and high  tech electric shaver has Middle Trimmer that easily cuts more difficult hair. The Long Hair Trimmer accurately maintains the mustache and the sideburn. The Precision Mode can temporarily retract so the shaver head to make it slimmer for a precise shave. This is good for hard to reach areas under the jawline or nose.


The Braun Series 3 is 100% waterproof. This is a Wet&Dry model specifically designed for use with foam or gel in the shower. The product is IPX7 certified. It means you can submerge the unit 5 meters deep under water and it would still give a close shaving performance. You can comfortably clean and rinse under running tap water without damaging it.


The Braun Series 3 comes with the famous Braun Three Action Clean&Charge Station. This alcohol based cleaning and charging station cleans, lubricates and charges with one touch of the button. It is ten times more hygienic than the running water. The Ni-MH battery can be fully charged in one hour. This can already give you a 45 minute shaving time. It is available for a 5 minute quick charge. The LED display indicates the battery level and hygiene status.

These are our Top 5 Braun Electric Shavers, Enjoy!


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