Phillips Electric Shaver Benefits

Phillips Electric Shaver Benefits

Philips Norelco 1160x SensoTouchPhillips electric shaver is great for men who want a dry/wet close shave without incurring cuts and skin damage. The Phillips Aquatec seal is a waterproof electric shaver you can use in the shower or with a gel. You can also use it to shave dry if you are on the go. The built-in seal provides a 100% waterproof protection.

Its QuickRinse system helps you clean the shaver completely in a fast manner. It is designed to be fully washable for optimal hygiene. The AquaTouch can always keep your electric shaver clean. You can simply rinse the shaver under a running water to completely rid of the hairs. The cleaner has been designed to shut off automatically and even track the times it has been cleaned.

In using the Phillips electric shaver, you do not get any burn, nicks, or grazes because it has a triple shaving head that can adapt to the contour of your face.

Phillips can deliver the perfect shaving experience with its best technology and cutting design. Charging it for 8 hours can give you a full 60 minutes shaving time, which is approximately around 20 shaves. A 3 minute charge could give you enough power to complete one shave. A user claimed using it for over 3 weeks and only 1 charging. The charger shuts off automatically.

This is a very quiet machine and possess a very reputable brand of exceptionally high quality product. The motor vibrates at an incredibly high speed.

The blades of the Phillips shaver have a super lift and cut action that raises each hair first before cutting it for really smooth result. The pop up trimmer is great to use for mustache and sideburns. There is no need to put an oil on it. Many users claimed it only changed its batter once after a couple of years.

The shaver’s rounded low protection head has a skin protection system that adapts to the contour of your face. Phillips is kind in the rotary electric shavers. It is the first brand that has produced the rotary type of electric shaver. It features specially designed slots and holes for capturing hairs. The 3 circular shaving elements on the shaver head are made of foil guard.

Close shaving has never been a problem with Phillips. It gives a lot of flexibility and it can adapt to whatever is the shape of your face or the type of your skin. It simply delivers a smooth, clean and refreshing shave.

The Phillips electric shaver comes with a 2 year warranty. They were built to last with a worldwide voltage compatibility. The electric razor is very durable. The blades do not rust after one or two uses. The Phillips blade has been coated to prevent rusting.

The Phillips SensoTouch 2D electric razor provides a two dimensional contouring and rounded edges for an extra close shave. The AquatecSeal allows either a wet or dry close shave. Its battery can last for 50 minutes. This is about 17 shaves already.

The most advance product has a surprising 8 directions flexing head with V-Track precision head. Other product lines deliver a two way flexing head and pivoting head. All comes with the design of a powerful close shave performance.

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