Panasonic Arc 5 ESLV81

Yea You Should Get One of these: Panasonic Arc 5 ESLV81

Panasonic Arc 5 ESLV81As a highly sophisticated shaver, the Panasonic Arc 5 ES LV81 sets the benchmark as it features the world’s first linear five-blade cutting system. Compared to the previous four-blade cutting system, it provides better coverage while shaving.Aside from this, the razor also provides for faster coverage with a motor speed of 14 000 cycles per minute.

To tackle the issue of problem areas such as the neck, jaw and chin, the razor features a Lift-Tech outer foil that can capture flat lying hair with ease. The curved arc foil combined with the Multi-Flex pivoting head makes it easy to shave every part of the face and neck.

Shaving anywhere can also be possible with its wet and dry shaving features. This gives the option for shaving with cream, foam or gel, as well as shaving in or out of the shower.

Not only does this razor provide an efficient shaving experience, it can be maintained easily. Being 100% water proof, the body of the razor is fully washable. The automatic cleaning and charging system takes care of maintenance of the razor, and charges it while being cleaned. The cleaner used is not alcohol-based and would not evaporate easily or irritate the skin.

• Motor works at a rate of 14 000 cycles per minute, and allows for quick shaving.
• Lift-Tech outer foil cuts even flat lying hair.
• Multi-Flex pivoting head follows the shape of the face and neck to avoid missing spots when shaving.
• Automatic cleaning system keeps the unit hygienic, and also charges the razor when being cleaned.


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Panasonic Five-Blade Cutting System

The Panasonic five-blade shaver consists of one slit blade, which is centrally positioned, and four other quick Lift-Tech foils. With this setup, thick hair as well as facial hair in curved areas will not be left patchy. The outer foils efficiently shave even long, lying hair.

Panasonic Five-Blade Cutting System characteristics:
Razor consists of one slit blade and four quick Lift-Tech foils.
• Lift-Tech foils capture long, lying hair.
• High motor offers fast but linear shaving.

In terms of speed and coverage, the Panasonic Arc 5 ES LV81 performs better than most shavers.With a high motor and additional blade, this razor is ideal for those with very hectic schedules in need of only quick shaves.

• Quick shaving: With the five blades, all normal hair, lying hair and stubbles can be shaved with only a few strokes.
• Linear shaving: Despite the motor being high-powered, shaving is still quite linear.

• Motor is very fast.
• Setup of blades allow for close but comfortable shaving.
• Design addresses problem areas that are hard to shave.
• Cleaning is convenient because of the automatic cleaning and charging system.

• Razor can be quite expensive especially for those who do not need a higher speed and better coverage than what their current razors provide.


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