Panasonic Electric Shavers Benefits

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Panasonic Electric Shavers Benefits

panasonic arc 3 selfThe Panasonic electric shaver uses a premium 4 blade cutting system that truly exhibits both wet and dry technology. The cutting system prevents cuts, skin irritation, and bleeding by easing pressure. The premium 4 blade foil is arc shaped and it can lift flat hairs while still allowing you to do close shave. The performance is powerful and impressively gentle on the skin. There is no compromise on comfort even for men with sensitive skin.

3 stage cutting process

* It first cuts the long whiskers to get it ready for smoothing.

* It lifts flat lying hairs under the chin and neck.

* It smoothens the skin and allows you to close shave with its finishing foil.

The Panasonic 3 blade system fully captures and cut the hairs in one pass. This is nice for shaving a woman’s leg. The floating head conforms and can glide to the shape of your leg. You can also use this to shave your other body parts in great comfort. This delivers a remarkably safe and comfortable, smart, close shave you can use in both wet/dry option. It has a pop up trimmer to help you remove stray hairs.

The wet and dry technology allows you to close shave dry or under the shower. It easily glides and works with lather in the shower and is fully immersible in water. This means no malfunction even if it falls in the tub. It has been designed to endure quick and easy clean up during a bath.

The Panasonic electric shaver is compact and lightweight and is ideal for travel use. The package comes with a convenient free travel pouch. It only weighs about 0.33 pounds.

The precision trimmers stay sharp use after use. The blades are very durable. The pop up trimmer provides a precise finish and is perfect to use for the mustache and sideburns.

The head of the rechargeable Panasonic electric shaver glides and moves with the curves of the body especially over the contours of your legs, neck, chin, and underarms, thus giving you a more pleasant, comfortable experience with only a smooth skin behind.

The electric shaver uses a nickel free foil to prevent skin abrasions. This is extremely gentle and is good for even the most sensitive skin.

This comes with a charge stand making it easy for you to recharge the battery. One recharge of the Panasonic Close Curves can last up to 10 shaves.

arc 3 mainIt is built with the fastest linear motor drive and sharpened to the nano level. The">Panasonic electric shavers are about 3 times sharper than most regular shavers. With its automatic speed control, you are able to enjoy maximum power with the tug and pull during low battery situations.

The auto clean system removes the hair thoroughly. You just put the shaver in the cleaning and charging unit and leave it to charge the battery while it automatically was and dry the blades for maximum performance. The process is very hygienic and fully eliminates the need for blade lubrication.

The lithium battery will last for a maximum of 45 minutes shaving. You can even use a 5 minute charge for 1 close shave if you are in a hurry.

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