How To Shave With Electric Razor

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Men: How to shave with electric razor

Philips Norelco 1250 X husband and wifeShaving with an electric razor starts with properly choosing the right one for you. Depending on the thickness of your hair as well as its length, different types of electric razors in the market can be considered today. For example, there are electric razors specifically designed for thick hair, razors with convenient self-cleaning and charging systems and even electric shavers that hold and dispense shaving cream, gel or foam and water. Foil razors have one to five straight or linear rows of moving blades. On the other hand, rotary razors have rotating circular blades.  Foil razors and rotary razors are only some of the two traditional head styles. Some of the other factors that have to be considered are the budget and the portability of the razor.

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Once you have chosen your electric razor, the next step is preparing your face, your neck or your body part, which you want to have shaven.  Warm water can be used to open up the pores and soften the hair follicle. Pre-shave cleansers that come in foam, gel or creams, can give you an even closer shave by helping the hairs to stand up. Shaving as soon as you get out of the showercan also help you get a close shave. If your razor is completely waterproof, you can also shave in the shower. After preparing and washing your face, be sure to dry it fully unless you have a waterproof razor. Some electric razors can be used in wet shavinbraun cooltech water featuresg with shaving cream, water and other products, but be sure to carefully consult the manufacturer’s instructions manual or guide before using anything with your electric razor. Applying a pre-shave lotion or cream can help remove excess oil from your face for a closer shave


When you have started to shave, find the right angle and the technique you are most comfortable with. Similar to the first step of choosing the razor, this is step is also different for every person depending on your skin type and theprofile of the body part needed to be shaved among many other factors. For example, some men would say that shaving against the hair growth can help achieve a close shave, while others would say that this promotes skin irritation. It is a good idea to try different methods to find the one that best suits you.

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A useful technique is to use the electric razor while it is still cool on the most sensitive parts like the neck. Remember to only press lightly and to avoid going over the same spot repeatedly to avoid irritation and cuts.


After shaving, using a moisturizer or any other aftershave can keep your skin healthy. Aside from this, some aftershaves claim to slow down the growth of hair so that you would not need to shave again in just a few days. You might find that your skin needs some time to adjust to shaving with an electric razor so do not give up on it right away.

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