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Finally an online shaver shop dedicated in providing you the very best experience while you shave.  This would not be a too big of deal, if you only shaved once a month or maybe even once a week….. but as we all know, shaving is a daily event.  Being said, you want to find the very best shaver that will last you a long time, perform well and not cause any additional shave burn.  Here we highlight 3 shavers that are at the very top of our Shaver Shop List.

braun series 7 790 cc 7 years Our Braun Series 7 rides top of our shaver shop list.  Why?  Because is it awesome.  From the time you open the package and begin to use, you feel the massive change in shaving.   This shaver highlights the very best Braun has to offer.  The state of the art foil cutting system will truly blow your socks off.  (Read More Here At this review page.)


Panasonic main es lv81-k Arc 5The next electric shaver that we post on top of our shaver shop list is the Panasonis Arc 5 Series.  This shaver is also the leader in the industry, certainly among the Panasonic Shavers.  This 5 blade technology, with a super fast motor, will address any and all needs of a daily shaver.  (Want to learn more about this amazing shaver, then click on this link to review more.)

Philips Norelco 1250 X Main with kitThe last electric shaver that falls high on our shaver shop list is the Philips Norelco 1250X.  This shaver is made by the well known beginners of shave Norelco.   This shaver has the latest technology in shaving components.  It comes with a swivel head, allowing the razor to get around those hard reach areas. This razor comes with Gyro Flex Contouring Technology.   This technology is among the leading technologies of our day. (Review more about this electric shaver today.)

As you can see…. we are super sold on the best line-up that these particular brands design.  We like the Braun shaver, the Panasonic shavers and the Philips Norelco shavers.  These leading design shavers go well with our shaver shop list and criteria.  To learn more about our shavers and to understand their features, (click here.)

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